Earning on the Go: How to Make $100 a Day on your Phone

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It’s Sunday night. You’re scrolling endlessly through Instagram. You decide to order some food on Postmates and text your friends. You set out to reach out for your phone. It’s ALWAYS within reach. Almost like a shadow or a Pikachu following you around. But did you know your phone can also be a tool for earning money? Yup – with a few taps and swipes you can make some extra cash right from the comfort of your home (or wherever you happen to be). You can complete tasks sell your belongings or even kickstart your business. So how does it all work? Here’s how to make $100 a day on your phone.  

Make $100 on your Phone: Strategy to Maximize Your Earnings

It’s important to have realistic expectations and standards. You won’t become an overnight millionaire, but there are ways to boost your earning potential. While earning $100 on your phone seems steep. It is completely doable if you strategize correctly and combine different earning methods.

Here are some tips:

1. Choose high-paying tasks: Look out for tasks that offer good pay based on the time they require. Remember your TIME is valuable.  

2. Work smart and efficient: Use keyboard shortcuts or automation tools (when allowed) to speed up your work.

3. Keep track of time: Make sure you’re not spending time on paying tasks that aren’t worth your while.

4. Consistency is key: Create a schedule and stick with it.

The more consistently you work on these microtasks the money you’ll make over time.

5. Be on the Lookout: Be on the lookout for scams and carefully read task instructions to avoid disqualification or rejection.

How to Make $100 a day on your phone

1. Complete Surveys and Tasks for Cash:

Participate in surveys and market research through apps and websites. Numerous apps and websites offer payment in exchange for your opinions on products and services. You’ll get paid for sharing your opinions on these products and services. You can also earn cash by watching videos, testing products or sharing your thoughts on apps like Mobrog, Branded Surveys and Click Workers.

2. Sell Your Stuff Online:

Got stuff lying around? No worries! You can easily list them online using platforms such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Simply snap some photos of the items you want to sell write a description set a price and you’re good to go.

Ziffit and Decluttr are platforms to trade your used books, cds and dvds for cash.

Poshmark and Vinted can be used to make some cash from your clothes. 

3. Become a Freelancer or Consultant:

If you possess a skill or have a certain expertise consider offering your services as a freelancer or consultant. Offer graphic design support or social media management on websites like Fiverr.

4. Start a blog or your own YouTube channel

If you have a passion or interest that you’d like to share with others consider starting your blog or YouTube channel. It’s a way to express yourself and potentially earn income through advertisements, sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Just remember to focus on creating high quality content that resonates with your audience and actively engage with them.

5. Sell products

Another option is to create and sell digital products like ebooks, courses or printables. Platforms like Gumroad or Teachable can help you sell these products effectively. Make sure that the products you create are high quality and repond to a market demand.

6. Hello Cashback

One method of making money using your smartphone is by using cash back apps. These apps like Rakuten and Dosh, provide cashback and discounts for purchases made through them. For instance you might receive 5% cash back on groceries. By using these apps you can accumulate savings over time. With some effort you can accumulate savings over time.

I’ve used cashback apps before and the money does add up. Use them strategically for airplane, train, and hotels to earn big.

7. Any Gamers Around?

If gaming is one of your interests consider playing games through platforms like Mistplay or Swagbucks where you can also earn money while having fun. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations, before getting started.

8. Sell those Cheeky Photos

No I didn’t go there- I’m talking regular photos. Like of your trip to the south of France and your Italian Nonna with Sicilian lemon trees (minus Nonna).

If you have a talent, for photography you can monetize your skills by selling your photos. You can also sell your shots on your own website.  

9. Earn Cash through User Testing

Another way to earn some cash is by participating in user testing for apps and websites. You can sign up on platforms like UserTesting where you’ll be paid for providing feedback and insights.

10. Get Rewarded for Staying Fit

Walking can now become a source of income with apps like Sweatcoin. You can earn rewards for keeping yourself active and maintaining an active lifestyle.

11. Earn Cash with Gig Apps

Take advantage of gig economy apps like Uber, ClickWorker, Roamler to earn income on your terms.. You have the flexibility to offer services like driving, delivery or odd jobs based on your schedule.

12. Become a Social Media Manager

Managing social media accounts for businesses or individuals is another option. Use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule posts and engage with followers effectively.

13. Run a Shopify Store

Set up an online store using Shopify and sell products ranging from clothing and accessories to home goods. Remember to establish a brand identity and market your products strategically.

14. Monetize Your Content

If you already have a following on social media or run a successful blog, then you can monetize your blog or socials.   

There are ways you can generate income using your phone, including sponsored posts, affiliate marketing. Always focus on creating high quality content and actively engaging with your audience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I make $100 a day using my phone?

Earning $100 per day through your phone is achievable but it requires dedication and hard work. Here are some methods you can consider:

1. Taking surveys.

2. Selling items you no longer need online.

3. Joining the world of gigs: Sign up for apps where you can earn money by providing transportation services or delivering food.

2. Is it possible to make money for free using my phone?

Absolutely! It’s possible to make money for free using your phone. You can do this by using cashback apps, engaging in surveys, testing out apps and many other ways.

3. How to make money with your phone as a student?

If you’re a student looking to earn some cash with your phone here are some strategies for you;

  1. Participate in surveys: Earn money by completing surveys on websites and apps.
  2. Sell items out items you no longer need by selling them through platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.
  3. Offer tutoring services through platforms

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