300 Dope Discord Bio Ideas that will make you STAND out

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Looking for cool Discord Bio Ideas to make you stand out from the crowd? Here are some of the most HILARIOUS and Relatable Discord Bio ideas to use.

These are not just for Discord– feel free to use these Discord bio templates on any of your About Me or Bio pages anywhere for your Blog, social media, Facebook, Reddit

*Bonus Sprinkle points: if you’re able to sneak one or two on your LinkedIn Profile. You’re a real one

Warning: you may get a real chuckle out of some of these.

Head’s up: this is a long list PACKED with ideas, if you’re short on time save it for later by pinning it here!

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300 Cool Discord Bio Ideas

  1. Chief investigator of missing socks and vanished pens.
  2. I’m a connoisseur of the perfect gaming snack, combining taste, texture, and minimal finger greasing.
  3. Born to tell dad jokes, even without being a dad.
  4. I’m the reigning champion of the “Avoiding Social Interaction” Olympics. Gold medal secured.
  5. Expert at finding joy in the simplest things, like bubble wrap and puns.
  6. Official ambassador of the “Naps Should Be an Olympic Sport” campaign.
  7. Chief investigator of the “Who Ate the Last Cookie?” mysteries.
  8. My ability to trip over thin air is unparalleled. Olympic judges would be impressed.
  9. I possess an impeccable sense of direction—in video games. The real world is still a mystery.
  10. I’m an expert at picking the slowest-moving checkout line at the grocery store and turning it into an Olympic-level test of patience.
  11. Master of the art of finding humor in awkward silences.
  12. A fearless explorer of questionable fashion trends, unapologetically rocking socks with sandals and combining clashing patterns like a walking avant-garde art installation.
  13. Chief strategist of hiding from social obligations like a ninja.
  14. I possess an uncanny ability to attract bizarre and unforgettable encounters with strangers, turning mundane interactions into comedic episodes of the ‘Twilight Zone.
  15. Born with a natural talent for creating awkward situations.
  16. I have the power to turn any song into a karaoke session, complete with exaggerated dance moves.
  17. I possess the unique talent of finding the most entertaining glitches in games, turning frustration into laughter.
  18. I have an unyielding dedication to finding the perfect GIF for every situation.
  19. I possess the mystical power to turn any game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” into an intense mind game.
  20. In a relationship with Netflix
  21. I’m a living magnet for random and bizarre encounters, turning everyday life into a sitcom-worthy series of events.
  22. In a committed relationship with books and a cozy blanket. Socializing is reserved for fictional characters.
  23. Master of the art of selective hearing.
  24. I’m an expert at flawlessly executing complex combos in fighting games, leaving opponents in awe of my virtual martial arts skills.
  25. A professional bubble wrap popper, turning stress relief into a symphony of satisfying pops.
  26. All puns are highly intended.
  27. Master of finding the perfect GIF response.
  28. I’m a master of breaking things that are supposed to be unbreakable. It’s an unappreciated talent.
  29. Perpetual daydreamer, making reality jealous.
  30. I possess the extraordinary ability to remember every embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, even from childhood.
  31. Professional pillow fighter, undefeated champion.
  32. I have a PhD in overthinking. My brain can turn a molehill into a Mount Everest expedition.
  33. I’m a professional taste tester for questionable food combinations. Peanut butter and pickles? Marshmallows and mustard? I’ll try them all.
  34. I always have the best intentions of waking up early, but my bed is just too persuasive.
  35. I possess an extraordinary talent for finding the most bizarre and entertaining podcasts. Welcome to my podcast rabbit hole.
  36. I may not be a detective, but I excel at solving mysteries like “Where did I put my phone?”
  37. I possess an uncanny ability to find the most hilarious and relatable quotes from movies and TV shows. Pop culture comedy is my forte.
  38. Master of the art of finding humor in my own clumsiness.
  39. I’m an expert at tripping over flat surfaces, proving that gravity has a personal vendetta against me.
  40. I’m a master at predicting video game plot twists, much to the annoyance of my friends.
  41. Expert in the fine art of canceling plans. The ultimate introvert’s guide to staying in.
  42. I have a talent for finding the perfect balance between challenging gameplay and good old-fashioned fun, ensuring hours of enjoyment.
  43. I’m a certified master of misplacing everyday items, transforming my home into a treasure hunt of laughter and frustration.
  44. Introverted wordsmith, crafting tales and weaving words with a touch of quiet brilliance.
  45. Spontaneous adventurer, if there’s Wi-Fi and snacks.
  46. I have an uncanny talent for finding the most hilarious and relatable memes before they go viral.
  47. My alarm clock and I have a love-hate relationship. It loves to hate me.
  48. I have a remarkable talent for memorizing cheat codes and secret paths in video games, but not my own phone number.
  49. Living life on the edge of my bed.
  50. Born with a talent for finding the nearest food truck.
  51. I have a knack for attracting birds to my balcony, making me the unofficial ‘Bird Whisperer.’
  52. Unofficial therapist to friends, accepting payment in pizza.
  53. I’m the human version of an Internet meme, constantly finding myself in strange and humorous situations that are instantly relatable.
  54. I’m the self-proclaimed captain of the ‘Oopsie Daisy’ club, always finding creative ways to stumble, spill, and trip my way through life.
  55. Proud member of the ‘Cat Hair, Don’t Care’ club, with a wardrobe to match.
  56. I’m a night owl trapped in a morning person’s world. Coffee, please save me.
  57. Master of witty comebacks, after the conversation.
  58. Serial avoider of voicemails, leaving them to the brave souls who dare to listen.
  59. I possess the uncanny ability to turn any conversation into a pun competition. Brace yourself for a pun-derful showdown!
  60. My friends say I have a unique talent for turning the simplest tasks into complicated endeavors.
  61. An accidental expert at turning simple tasks into complex and comedic endeavors. Cooking a meal? Cue the fire alarm and laughter!
  62. I possess the extraordinary skill of instantly recognizing gaming soundtracks, transforming any playlist into a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
  63. Chief investigator of mysterious noises, armed with a broom as my weapon.
  64. I have a black belt in mastering the most complex control schemes, effortlessly executing complex maneuvers with the finesse of a virtuoso.
  65. Proud pet parent, training my furry friend to fetch laughter and cuddles on command.
  66. I speak fluent sarcasm, so if I say something nice, you better check for aliens.
  67. Professional emoji translator, decoding messages one smiley face at a time.
  68. Chief investigator of weird noises in the middle of the night.
  69. I possess the magical ability to summon an empty parking spot exactly when I need it, leaving others in awe and confusion.
  70. I have the incredible talent of remembering song lyrics from the ’90s, but forgetting where I parked my car.
  71. Master of the spontaneous dance party, featuring solo performances.
  72. Official member of the “Snooze Button Enthusiasts” society.
  73. I’m a fierce competitor in the ‘World’s Most Ridiculous Dance Moves’ championship. My signature move is called ‘The Spaghetti Twist.’
  74. I’m the type of person who would rather spend time with their pet than with other people.
  75. Serial playlist creator, curator of all moods.
  76. A master at finding the most random objects in my pockets, always prepared to amaze and confuse with my pocket-sized treasures.
  77. Perpetual nomad, always searching for Wi-Fi.
  78. I have a PhD in finding the funniest animal videos on the internet. My laughter-inducing research is unmatched.
  79. Embracing chaos, one laugh at a time.
  80. Born to wander, often getting lost in my own thoughts.
  81. Official spokesperson for the “Netflix and Chillax” movement.
  82. I’m an expert at creating the most aesthetically pleasing characters in character creation menus, a true virtual fashionista.
  83. I have a black belt in photobombing virtual selfies. No in-game picture is complete without my presence.
  84. I’m a certified master of ridiculous costumes, perfect for infiltrating parties, confusing friends, and getting extra servings of cake.
  85. Unpopular opinion: I don’t find the TV show ‘Friends’ hilarious. Fight me.
  86. I possess the extraordinary ability to turn any ordinary household item into a makeshift game controller in times of desperation.
  87. On a lifelong quest for the perfect pizza slice.
  88. An accidental magician with the power to make everyday objects disappear, only to reappear in the most unexpected places. Watch out for flying spoons!
  89. Master of the art of wearing pajamas all day without judgment.
  90. Master of introverted multitasking—reading a book, sipping tea, and avoiding eye contact all at once.
  91. I have a talent for attracting the attention of birds in public places, like a modern-day Snow White with a touch of comedic chaos.
  92. I possess an uncanny talent for finding the funniest bumper stickers on the road. Prepare for a laughter-inducing commute.
  93. Born to nap, surviving on a dreamland diet.
  94. I’m the CEO of the “I’ll Start My Diet Tomorrow” club. Membership is always open.
  95. I’m a magician; I can make a bag of chips disappear faster than you can say “snack attack.”
  96. Chief architect of spontaneous adventures and random road trips.
  97. I possess the superpower of finding the hidden meaning behind every NPC’s cryptic dialogue.
  98. Mornings and I have a complicated relationship.
  99. I possess the power to turn any gaming session into a cinematic experience, with carefully crafted camera angles and dramatic pauses.
  100. I possess the power to remember the names of fictional characters better than the names of people I meet.
  101. Professional member of the “Just One More Episode” club.
  102. My dance moves are so awkward, they make flamingos look like Fred Astaire.
  103. I possess the magical ability to misplace my phone while using it. Pocket portals are my specialty.
  104. I have the power to turn any gaming session into a virtual museum tour, appreciating the artistic brilliance of digital worlds.
  105. Professional snack connoisseur, munching my way through life.
  106. Master of the art of witty comebacks, delivered with impeccable timing.
  107. Expert at losing socks in the laundry vortex.
  108. Chief investigator of the fridge’s hidden treasures.
  109. I possess an extraordinary ability to trip over absolutely nothing, leaving onlookers questioning the laws of gravity and my coordination.
  110. Expert at finding the last piece of chocolate.
  111. Serial collector of useless knowledge, impressing only myself.
  112. I’m a master of multitasking. I can procrastinate while pretending to be productive.
  113. Keep calm and let the games begin
  114. Serial collector of hilarious autocorrect fails.
  115. Quietly observing the world, storing away funny anecdotes for future stand-up comedy… in my head.
  116. I’m the official champion of the “Who Can Sleep the Longest” competition. Naps are my superpower.
  117. I have an uncanny talent for finding hidden game glitches and exploits, turning ordinary gameplay into an adventure of unexpected outcomes.
  118. A self-proclaimed expert in the art of falling asleep in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions. Sleeping beauty, minus the grace.
  119. Professional gamer by day, pillow fort architect by night. My life is all levels of awesome.
  120. Pajama enthusiast, committed to the cozy lifestyle.
  121. Collector of random facts, impressing no one.
  122. I possess an exceptional talent for finding the most hilariously bad jokes, guaranteed to make you groan and laugh simultaneously.
  123. I have an extraordinary talent for accidentally liking social media posts while scrolling through them.
  124. Master of disguises, hiding from responsibilities like a pro.
  125. Proud member of the “No Chill” club.
  126. Introvert extraordinaire with a black belt in avoiding small talk. Let’s skip to the deep conversations, shall we?
  127. Serial coffee spiller, my keyboard’s worst nightmare.
  128. Chief investigator of the “Who Left the Fridge Door Open?” mysteries.
  129. I’m a professional at strategically placing snacks around the house to satisfy cravings within arm’s reach.
  130. A living, breathing ‘Lost and Found’ magnet, attracting misplaced items like a superpower. If you’re missing something, just ask me—I may have unintentionally acquired it.
  131. I’m an expert at getting emotionally invested in fictional characters to the point where their happiness and well-being affect me more than my own.
  132. A connoisseur of awkward greetings, I specialize in those moments when you go for a handshake, and the other person goes for a hug. Awkward dance moves ensue!
  133. I have a talent for discovering the most amusing and unusual glitches in games, turning virtual worlds into surreal playgrounds of unexpected hilarity.
  134. Chief navigator of life’s unpredictable twists and turns.
  135. Expert at finding the comfiest spot on any couch.
  136. I’m a master at finding the most comfortable position on the couch and refusing to move for hours.
  137. Expert at turning awkward moments into unforgettable stories.
  138. I’m an expert at getting lost in video game worlds, but ask me for directions in real life, and I’m clueless.
  139. I possess the power to turn any gaming session into a virtual feast, preparing pixelated delicacies with the precision of a digital chef.
  140. Professional daydreamer seeking fellow introverts for adventures in the land of imagination.
  141. Just a human, trying not to adult.
  142. A professional inventor of fake words, adding to the English language one nonsensical term at a time. It’s like Scrabble for the imagination.
  143. Constantly caught in a love-hate relationship with technology.
  144. I’m fluent in three languages: English, Sarcasm, and Emoji. 😜
  145. I’m a connoisseur of terrible puns and dad jokes, armed with a repertoire that can induce both laughter and eye-rolling.
  146. I’m the reigning champion of the “Just One More Episode” marathon. Sleep is for the weak.
  147. I’m an expert at falling asleep exactly five minutes before my alarm goes off. It’s a skill.
  148. I’m the reigning champion of “Losing Socks in the Laundry Olympics.” Matching pairs are a myth.
  149. Expert at perfectly timed witty comebacks, delivered five minutes too late.
  150. I have a black belt in forgetting names at the most crucial moments, turning conversations into a game of verbal gymnastics.
  151. I’m a pro at finishing video games faster than the time it takes for a pizza to be delivered.
  152. Coffee lover, napping enthusiast, perpetually hungry.
  153. Official member of the “I Put the ‘Pro’ in Procrastination” club.
  154. I possess the rare ability to start singing the wrong lyrics confidently and convince others I’m right.
  155. Master of the art of introvert ninja moves—disappearing from social gatherings without anyone noticing.
  156. Professional observer of funny coincidences and ironic moments.
  157. Forever chasing dreams, and occasionally squirrels.
  158. Chief strategist of avoiding small talk like a pro.
  159. Master of the introverted poker face. You’ll never know what’s going on inside this tranquil mind.
  160. Expert at finding humor in the most mundane situations.
  161. Chief negotiator of “five more minutes” negotiations.
  162. I have an extraordinary talent for attracting the slowest-moving checkout line at the supermarket.
  163. Certified multitasker, can juggle snacks and Netflix.
  164. Official spokesperson for introverts, leave a message.
  165. I possess an uncanny talent for finding the funniest-shaped clouds in the sky. Who needs a therapist when you have cloud-watching therapy?
  166. Frequently lost, even with Google Maps.
  167. I don’t snore; I’m just practicing my impression of a chainsaw revving up.
  168. Expert at turning awkward moments into hilarious memories.
  169. I’m an expert at maintaining a calm and composed demeanor in intense competitive matches, my poker face is legendary.
  170. I have a sixth sense—it’s called “finding the last slice of pizza without fail.”
  171. If loving video games is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Deal with it.
  172. I possess the extraordinary ability to turn any gathering into an impromptu dance party, complete with questionable moves and wild enthusiasm.
  173. I’m an expert at creating hilarious player names that confuse and amuse opponents in online games.
  174. A certified connoisseur of bizarre ice cream flavors, always seeking the wildest combinations to gross you out.
  175. I have the remarkable ability to find the most comfortable position in bed just as my alarm goes off.
  176. I’m an expert in the art of falling asleep during movies and waking up at the exact moment the plot twist is revealed.
  177. A professional tongue twister enthusiast, I can twist my tongue into knots and recite complicated phrases faster than you can say “she sells seashells by the seashore.”
  178. My superpower is the ability to find snacks in a room devoid of food.
  179. I’m a pro at making typos in the most crucial moments, ensuring embarrassment and eternal regret.
  180. Professional hermit, seeking solitude and Netflix binges. Socializing is overrated, right?
  181. I’m a skilled ninja in the art of sneaking snacks into movie theaters. Popcorn smuggler extraordinaire.
  182. I have a black belt in procrastination. I’ll tell you more about it later.
  183. Highly caffeinated, approach with caution.
  184. I have an extraordinary skill for perfectly timing my pizza deliveries to coincide with in-game loading screens.
  185. Official taste tester for desserts, ensuring maximum satisfaction.
  186. Expert at finding the nearest food source.
  187. I’m a master at finding the perfect Wi-Fi connection in the most inconvenient places.
  188. I have an exceptional skill for starting a new series and finishing it before everyone else can say “spoiler.”
  189. I have the power to summon an internet connection strong enough to withstand any lag spike.
  190. I may not be a chef, but I can perfectly microwave a frozen pizza every single time.
  191. I have the uncanny ability to turn any casual game night into an intense battle for glory.
  192. I’m a master of the silent laugh, perfecting the art of convulsing without making a sound.
  193. I have the ability to binge-watch an entire season of a show and forget everything by the next day.
  194. World-class overthinker, specializing in worst-case scenarios.
  195. I have the power to transform any room into a virtual reality playground with a wave of my virtual wand.
  196. Proud member of the Procrastinators’ Association (maybe tomorrow).
  197. Serial starter of books, rarely a finisher.
  198. An accidental connoisseur of the most hilariously bad pickup lines. I collect them like trophies of comedic awkwardness.
  199. I have a talent for transforming any simple task into an elaborate and unnecessary production.
  200. An accidental comedian with a talent for turning awkward pauses into comedy gold. Silence is my canvas.
  201. Invented the snooze button, multiple times.
  202. I’m a master of multitasking in video games, effortlessly juggling quests, side missions, inventory management, and occasional snacks without skipping a beat.
  203. I’m an expert in the art of improvising game strategies on the fly, adapting to unexpected situations with the grace of a confused yet determined penguin.
  204. Official provider of cardboard boxes, the preferred hiding spot the cats.
  205. I’m fluent in movie quotes. In fact, I can hold an entire conversation using only movie lines.
  206. Official member of the “World’s Okayest Human” club.
  207. Chief procrastinator, delaying adulthood one day at a time.
  208. I’m a self-taught artist. My masterpiece is the abstract doodles that cover all my notebooks.
  209. Connoisseur of snacks, with refined taste in Netflix.
  210. An accidental dance instructor, teaching the world my unique moves like ‘The Flubbery Whale’ and ‘The Awkward Robot.’
  211. I have the extraordinary talent of finding the perfect balance between work, play, and extended snack breaks.
  212. Proud graduate of the School of Sarcasm.
  213. My superpower is the ability to make a five-minute task last three hours. Efficiency at its finest.
  214. I possess an uncanny ability to find the funniest YouTube videos with less than a thousand views. I’m like a comedy treasure hunter.
  215. I’m not lazy; I’m on energy-saving mode.
  216. Master of introverted karaoke sessions—belt it out in the shower and nobody has to know.
  217. Expert at finding the perfect balance between laziness and productivity.
  218. Introverted by design, sarcastic by default. Sarcasm is my introvert currency.
  219. Dancing like nobody’s watching, because they aren’t.
  220. I’m a master at predicting plot twists in games, which is both impressive and slightly concerning.
  221. I have a diploma in sarcasm, hanging proudly next to my collection of video game posters.
  222. Official time traveler, stuck in perpetual “five more minutes.”
  223. Just a meme machine.
  224. I’m not lazy, I just really enjoy doing nothing.
  225. Quiet by nature, but my thoughts are a symphony of witty comebacks and sarcastic remarks.
  226. Wannabe superhero, lacking cape and superpowers.
  227. I have an extraordinary talent for finding the most outrageous cat videos on the internet. My cat-to-human translation skills are unparalleled.
  228. Introverted dreamer with a flair for the whimsical and a love for solitary adventures.
  229. Highly skilled at avoiding eye contact since birth.
  230. I’m a pro at finding the most comfortable position in bed, only to realize that my phone charger is just out of reach.
  231. I possess the uncanny skill of arriving exactly on time, provided that “on time” means fashionably late.
  232. I have an unparalleled talent for turning awkward silence into a symphony of random noises and nonsensical babbling.
  233. A professional story embellisher, turning ordinary tales into epic sagas filled with dragons, ninjas, and talking squirrels.
  234. I possess the mystical power to predict when my favorite video game character will make a miraculous comeback from the dead.
  235. My superhero alter ego is Captain Procrastination. I’ll save the world tomorrow, maybe.
  236. Professional daydreamer, highly skilled at zoning out.
  237. I have the remarkable skill of perfectly imitating the iconic sounds of classic video game consoles. Be prepared for nostalgia.
  238. Forever chasing the perfect balance of coffee and sleep.
  239. Chief architect of elaborate daydreams and imaginary scenarios.
  240. An accidental expert in generating contagious laughter, making even the most serious situations crack with humor.
  241. Professional daydreamer, taking breaks from reality since forever.
  242. Chief ambassador of comfort zones, never leaving mine.
  243. I have the unique talent of making my gaming character look more stylish than I am in real life.
  244. Living proof that you can never have too many cat-themed decorations in your home.
  245. I have the power to make anyone smile with my legendary dad jokes. Prepare for laughter-induced groaning.
  246. Official spokesperson for the “I’ll Get Ready in Five Minutes” time zone.
  247. Resident introvert seeking a low-key adventure partner for long walks and deep conversations in silence.
  248. An accidental inventor of bizarre and questionable food combinations. Dare to join me on a culinary comedy adventure?
  249. I possess the superhuman ability to make any mundane task enjoyable by turning it into a one-person dance party.
  250. Serial taker of food pics, making Instagram jealous one meal at a time.
  251. I have a sixth sense for finding the squeakiest floorboard in any room. My secret power annoys others.
  252. I’m a living encyclopedia of useless trivia, armed with random facts that are perfect for impressing no one at parties.
  253. I’m a champion in the art of creating unforgettable dance moves that defy all known laws of coordination.
  254. I’m a connoisseur of accidentally sending texts to the wrong group chat. Yup, that was me.
  255. I’m the type of person who would rather be alone.
  256. Serial introvert who prefers the company of pets over people. Furry friends understand the quiet better.
  257. I’m a professional expert at finding the perfect parking spot, but only after driving around in circles and making a series of questionable U-turns.
  258. I’m an expert at composing epic gaming soundtracks in my mind, turning everyday tasks into grand adventures.
  259. Living life one meme at a time.
  260. Walking proof that naptime should be universal.
  261. I’m an expert at finding the perfect balance between laziness and productivity. It’s an art.
  262. Expert at capturing the perfect selfie angles.
  263. I have a black belt in witty comebacks. Beware, for I am armed with sarcasm and quick wit.
  264. I’m the world record holder for the number of times someone has mistaken me for a celebrity. Zero.
  265. Serial plant killer, a talent I embrace.
  266. Overly enthusiastic karaoke enthusiast, terrible singer included.
  267. Master of introverted party tricks—disappearing from crowded rooms and reappearing with snacks.
  268. Born to nap, forced to adult.
  269. Born to binge-watch, one episode at a time.
  270. Collector of half-finished projects and good intentions.
  271. I have the unique ability to identify the developer behind a game simply by looking at the font used in the credits.
  272. I have a talent for accurately predicting the outcome of in-game choices based on my finely honed intuition… or just random guessing.
  273. I’m not clumsy; I’m just adept at rearranging furniture with my body.
  274. I’m an expert at mastering difficult game levels after numerous failed attempts and questionable tactics.
  275. Proud owner of a collection of mismatched socks.
  276. I’m the official spokesperson for the ‘I Can’t Adult Today’ movement, advocating for more naps and ice cream breaks in the adulting routine.
  277. Professional procrastinator, results may vary.
  278. I have an uncanny ability to make my teammates laugh in the middle of intense multiplayer matches.
  279. I’m a master of parallel parking, fitting my car into spaces that defy all laws of physics.
  280. Master of accidental sarcasm, oops, did it again.
  281. Official ambassador of awkward moments everywhere.
  282. Born with a natural talent for finding the best memes.
  283. Official spokesperson for the “Too Relatable” movement.
  284. I’m a seasoned expert in finding the most hilariously bad pick-up lines, perfect for embarrassing friends or lightening the mood in awkward social situations.
  285. Professional snackologist, studying the art of munching.
  286. I have the uncanny ability to turn any gaming session into a comedic performance, entertaining both myself and anyone lucky enough to witness it.
  287. Professional cat cuddler, accepting feline applications.
  288. Official ambassador of the “Why Adult When You Can Eat Ice Cream?” lifestyle.
  289. I’m not lazy; I just have a highly developed skill for energy conservation.
  290. I’m a pro at taking perfectly timed screenshots of funny glitches that only happen once in a lifetime.
  291. I’m an expert at speedrunning games, completing them before others can even find the “Start” button.
  292. Master of the art of overthinking, gold medalist in mental gymnastics.
  293. I’m an expert at maintaining a poker face during intense boss battles, hiding my internal panic and cries for help.
  294. Expert at turning leftovers into culinary masterpieces.
  295. I have a black belt in movie popcorn balancing, successfully holding a large tub with one hand while climbing stairs.
  296. Official member of the “Procrastination Nation,” crowned by my unfinished to-do list.
  297. Proud member of the No-Morning-Person Club, thriving after noon.
  298. Official spokesperson for the Sleep Now, Adult Later campaign.
  299. Professional ice cream tester, committed to quality control.
  300. Master of the art of losing track of time and deadlines.

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