Should you Stick to Being called a Blogger? Or are you Missing Out on a Better Title? +[ALTERNATIVES]

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Why You Might Regret Sticking with ‘Blogger'”

So as a blogger what should you even call yourself?

Some people may find it unprofessional to use the word “blogger”, and may be embarrassed to say they’re a blogger.  Because it’s usually associated with people who are on social media like models or infamous fashionistas. I know it can be misinterpreted that way. Heck.. I used to believe that before I knew anything about being a blogger.

Let’s be honest here most people who don’t blog DON’T know what blogging is. Or what it entails, and ALL the things we do as bloggers.

For example, is it just me or have you noticed on Instagram it can straight out say blogger under someone’s profile (in their bios) who’s not a blogger, but an influencer. Which is frustrating because in no way do they own a blog and or even write let alone on a blog. Major confusion vibes. How can we expect people not to be confused if platforms are allowing users to advertise themselves as bloggers incorrectly.

Also introducing yourself as a blogger means you should brace yourself for the conversation that will follow. People will most likely ask: “what is your blog name”, followed by “how much do you make”. Unless you’re prepared to answer questions like that and share your blog name. But like how is it okay to even ask anyone how much they make?

Ugh, that is most probably my worst nightmare. Oooh la la *insert French frustrated groan”. I feel like sharing my blog handle would be the death of my blog. I would then feel watched and wouldn’t write so openly because heck so and so now knows my blog name. That’s why I decided to go for an anonymous blog.

My introverted side could never. But heck if you’re not a wimp like me and you don’t care if your family or friends see your blog then go for it. I just think it would affect my productivity. Do prepare yourself to be asked about the infamous “how much do you make?”

Actually, this isn’t to say you won’t get nosy questions whatever you choose. You will. It’s just choosing something you’re comfortable with.

Administratively, I call myself a blogger. Because it’s the closest there is to that term, although I would stick to web publisher in conversations if ever the need arose. Then I would just say I have a travel website or cooking website without going into detail of what the website name is.

A “Travel Writer” makes me think of someone who writes for travel websites or magazines. Meanwhile, “blogger” feels more like a personal diary sharing personal stories and experiences. While “Content Creator” could encompass creating content for other social medias like YouTube or TikTok.

What is Another Name for a Blogger?

  • Web publisher
  • Travel Writer
  • Online Publisher
  • Travel Content Creator
  • Independent Publisher
  • Content Creator
  • Digital Publisher
  • Web Writer
  • Web Content Creator
  • Influencer
  • If all else fails, you can say: “I have a website”

Do your friends and family know about your blog? How’s that going for you?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, what do you call yourself?

Let me know in the comments.

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