Best Black Friday Deals for Small Business, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

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Get this: You’re holding a cup of tea all snuggled up in your favorite cozy blanket. You have a list of things you’ve been wanting to get. But they always seem so out of reach and distant. Well guess what? Those desires are no longer an imaginary pre-Santa list but an affordable reality.

That’s the beauty of Black Friday – a day when prices drop like punchlines in a dad joke competition. It’s the perfect time to invest in your blog and your future. Whatever tools you get now will increase your productivity and just make your life easier in the future.

If you’re currently using a free theme for your blog, now is the time to level up. Personally, I’m always a taker for any tool or plugin that will make my life easier.  

Anyhoow enough talking. Here are some of the best Black Friday deals (and Cyber Monday) for small business, bloggers and entrepreneurs you can’t afford to miss out on. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites along with the best deals atm.

This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission. This allows me to keep this blog going and provides you with free content. All opinions are my own.

Best Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

Online Black Friday Deals:


One of my best kept secrets is: AppSumo. It’s a platform I am a member of and it’s free. Appsumo offers monthly and lifetime deals on business tools. There’s a TON of good stuff here.  it’s always essential to keep an eye out for products that can simplify your life.

So far, I’ve gotten 4 things from them (2 free and 2 paid). And I’m lovin it. The lifetime deals they offer allow you to save so much.

Get Appsumo’s Black Friday Deals

DepositPhotos thru AppSumo:

The DepositPhotos deal was one of the bargains I grabbed during Black Friday. Not once but twice. It’s the best value for stock photos I could find. It’s definitely worth stocking up on this one!

You get 100 photos, for $35 which means each photo costs only 35 cents. A complete steal. The best part is there’s no limit to how deals you can stack- I’ve paid for it twice.

When you purchase it through AppSumo (unlike their website) the credits won’t expire at the end of the month. There’s no pressure to use them all at once. Enjoy them for whenever you want.

Get the Deal Here


NordVPN is my go- to VPN when I’m travelling or in need of privacy.

When traveling abroad some people have reported their Pinterest account being flagged by the spam filter. To avoid this I personally use the NordVPN app on my phone. It allows you to easily choose the country you want and connect to a server.

Why I like it:

  • I’m able to access content from over the world.
  •  It safeguards my privacy and virtual location while also protecting my IP address.
  •  for someone like me who’s isn’t very tech savvy it’s very easy.

Get 69% off + get 3 months extra


Hostinger is my go-to web hosting platform, it’s what I’m currently using now. They offer the cheapest hosting for the best service.  And now it’s even cheaper during Black Friday. I wish I had taken advantage of that offer when I got mine.

I highly recommend their business plan (which’s what I have) for least 2+ years. After that period the price goes back to normal so take advantage while it’s there.

Get 85% off Hostinger starting at $1.99/mo + 3 Months Free

Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 (course):

I’ve personally taken this Pinterest course and it’s completely transformed how I create and promote my pins on Pinterest. I definitely see a difference in the traffic of my pins. I legit learned stuff I was clueless about. The course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced users. It’s so good it’s been purchased 10,000 times.

Get 20% off at checkout (until November 25th) with code BF2023

Stupid Simple SEO (course):

This popular SEO course has received so much praise and is only available for a limited time. It’ll be available on November 27th for 5 days. Have you signed up yet?

Sign up to be on the waitlist and get a 20% discount code


For handling my newsletter emails I use MailerLite (free plan). It’s got a simple interface and it’s more budget friendly compared to other options. Plus here’s a bonus: if you have up to 1,000 subscribers using MailerLite is absolutely free!

Get 90% off your first month OR 33% off annual Advanced plan


I’ve had my eye on this tool for quite some time now and plan on getting it. All the big bloggers have been raving about how good it is. Lasso is basically a tool used by bloggers for affiliate marketing. It helps you keep track of your affiliate links in one place and creates those neat product displays you might have seen before. The clean display they offer has been proven to boost sales of your affiliate products. Many folks have experienced increased their sales with tool.

Get 25% off Lasso


You’ve probably come across those link landing pages on Instagram or other social media platforms. Chances are it was a Linktree.

Get 2 free months of Linktree Pro


If you’re searching for a WordPress theme, Kadence is very popular and known for it’s lightweight theme and speed. Now they’re offering a discount of up to 40% for limited time only.

Get up to 40% off

Lyrical Hosting:

Lyrical Hosting is a big crowd favorite among bloggers. One of the choices, in the field.

In the Facebook groups I’m a part of people always talk about how superior and helpful their service and customer support is.

Get 15% off their Hosting Plan


I’ve been eye-ing Keysearch for a while now as an affordable SEO tool. Both big and small bloggers recommend it. It great value for money when compared to Ahrefs.

Now it’s even more affordable, with a 40% discount, but just for a few days.

Get 40% Black Friday discount with code: BLACKFRIDAY


Pixistock is not just a platform, for stock photos but also an online community. You’ve probably come across those beautiful photos of a laptop desk photos with fancy notepads. Chances are it’s from Pixistock.

They offer a content planner for your blog, a collection of 8,000 stock and lifestyle photos over 6,000 Canva templates, more than 30 Marketing Masterclasses to stay ahead of the game and access to a private group available 24/7.

Get their Black Friday Deals Here


To encourage more shares of my Pinterest pins, I use the communities in Tailwind (free plan). currently use the free version of Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest Pins in different communities and encourage more shares. The free version only allows up to 30 posts, per month (which can be quite restrictive). That’s why I’m seriously considering upgrading to one of their premium plans that Black Friday is here.

Get 50% off any New Annual Plan


When it comes to managing and automating email campaigns ConvertKit is another email marketing tool.

Save 30% on the annual plan


ShortPixel is a neat tool to optimize images for your website photos.

Get double credits for Black Friday


Mangools is an SEO platform and they’re offering 35% off this Black Friday.

Get 35% off Lifetime


This is a very popular plugin bloggers use to boost their websites speed. It’s been known to make a massive difference in website performance and how quick your website loads up.

Get 30% off (This is their biggest discount)


Another SEO tool worth mentioning for optimizing your website is SurferSEO.

Get the Black Friday deal here

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