19 Low-Key Places to Promote your Blog for FREE- Are you Using these to Get Ahead?

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CONGRATS on crafting your blog posts! You can be proud of yourself. Whoosh. Your work isn’t done yet. To make sure your post reaches your audience it’s crucial to promote it. I mean crafting those blog posts is nice and all, but if you don’t promote it right, Ain’t nobody gonna to read it. Here are 19 places to promote your blog after it’s published:

Head’s up: this is a long guide PACKED with information, if you’re short on time save it for later by pinning it here!

Where Promote Your Blog for Free:

#1 Pinterest:

Are you wondering “where to post my blog posts for free”? Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic drivers you can find, when you do it RIGHT. Unlike other platforms, where sharing your blog post is short lived (usually lasting 1 day), Pinterest can continually drive traffic to your blog passively.

Literally while you sleep.

It’s especially great if your niche involves DIY, recipes, travel, or lifestyle. Make sure to create pins for each of your blog posts and link them back to your website.

#2 Email Your Subscribers:

If you’re not collecting emails and creating an email list as you go along, you’re seriously losing out. I’ve heard of people who had a Facebook group with hundreds of followers and suddenly the group was deleted, and they lost everything! Imagine having dedicated followers interested in your niche and not getting their email address.

You can send your blog post to your subscribers. They have already shown interest in your content, so they are more likely to read and share your post. Write a catchy subject line and include a call-to-action to encourage your subscribers to read and share your post.

#3 Flipboard:

This one took me some time to grasp, but it can be a goldmine for traffic. I’ve heard of people getting thousands of views on posts that went viral. Flipboard works like a magazine rack where you can curate and share content with the world. You can create a magazine on Flipboard that aligns with your blogs topic. Then add captivating articles, blog posts and visuals. You can share your magazine with people who share your interests. Note that high traffic is usually short lived: think 1-1.5 days. That’s why you need to keep publishing.

#4 Reddit:

On Reddit you’ll find groups dedicated to topics known as subreddits. These are communities where people who appreciate what you write about gather. Be a member, by sharing friendly posts rather than just promoting your blog through ads. Engage in conversations. Build trust among the community members. When your blog can really add something to the discussion share it. Reddit can bring a bunch of readers to your blog, but make sure you read the subreddit rules.

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#5 Guest Posts on Niche Blogs:

When it comes to guest posting don’t just focus on well-known blogs. Look for smaller niche blogs, in your field. These types of blogs often have an engaged audience that will be more receptive to your content and they will be more likely to accept a someone who’s just starting out.

#6 Instagram:

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links directly in Instagram posts, you can share your blog links in the Instagram stories. So every time you write an article, create a new story with a link. You can also include your blog link on your profile.

#7 Email Signatures:

This one is basic, and underrated but don’t forget to include a link to your blog in your email signature. Why not use this opportunity to promote your blog. It’s a way to promote your blog that can lead to more organic traffic.

#8 Quora Spaces:

Quora is a popular platform for questions and answers. You’ve probably seen it at the top of google search when you ask something. They have a feature called “Spaces,” which allows users to create spaces related to their niche topics. By participating in Spaces and occasionally sharing your blog posts as answers you’ll be able to reach an engaged audience interested, in what you have to offer.

#9 YouTube Video Descriptions:

If you have a YouTube channel or create video content make sure to include links to blog posts in the video descriptions. This will direct viewers to blog posts for information, and you get more traffic to your website.

#10 Medium Publications:

Consider republishing your blog posts, on Medium Publications that are relevant to your niche. These publications often have an audience so if your post is accepted it can reach a wide amount of readers.

#11 Facebook:

Share your blog posts on your page and in groups interested in the topic of your blog. Be friendly. Engage in conversations by offering help or advice. When sharing a blog post make sure it adds value to the discussion. While Facebook can bring readers to your blog always remember to respect the rules of the groups you participate in. Some don’t allow self-promotion so do check that.

#12 Podcast Show Notes:

If you have a podcast related to your blog or are featured as a guest on one you can include links to your blog posts in the show notes. Podcast listeners often want additional written content on the topics discussed.

#13 Niche Forums and Communities:

Explore forums and communities that’re relevant to your blogs topic. Engage genuinely by answering questions and sharing your expertise. Many forums allow you to include a link, to your blog in either the forum signature or profile section.

#14 SlideShare:

Transform some of your blog posts into presentations and upload them onto SlideShare. To drive traffic to your blog include links to your blog on the slides and, in the descriptions.

#15 Webinars and Online Workshops:

Host interactive webinars or online workshops that are relevant to your blog. These sessions provide an opportunity to showcase your expertise and position your blog as a resource for learning. Some people are always seeking to learn so adding your blog link can be a great resource for them.

#16 Online Directories:

Look for directories or listings that align with the niche of your blog. These directories can help you target an audience actively seeking resources within your niche. Reach out to them. Inquire about listing your blog.

#17 Guest Hosting on Podcasts:

In addition to being a guest on podcasts consider being a host for episodes within your niche. This approach allows you to establish yourself as an authority in the field while promoting your blog directly to the podcasts audience.

#18 Localized Social Media Groups:

Engage in local social media groups and communities that revolve around topics related to your blog. Actively engage with these groups by sharing insights and subtly mentioning your blog when appropriate (if allowed). Remember to read and follow group rules as some may not allow self-promotion or spam.

#19 Collaborate with Other Bloggers:

Collaborate with bloggers who share your values and have an audience. This collaboration can take the form of blog posts, social media campaigns or cool giveaways.

Paid Promotion:

If you have the budget, consider using paid promotion on platforms like media or Google Ads to advertise your blog. Remember to target your desired audience and create appealing content that captures their attention.


Remember, for successful promotion of your blog there needs to be EXPERIMENTATION.  Experiment, experiment, experiment. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Niche also plays an important factor so what works for you may not work for someone else. Meaning, don’t be put off trying something just because it didn’t work for someone else. Be PATIENT and CONSISTENT when it comes to writing and promoting your blog posts.

You got this.

Which places are you using to promote your blog?

Let me know in the comments.

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