Pinterest vs Instagram for Business: Which One Should you Choose?

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When it comes to promoting your blog or business social media platforms are kind of a big deal in helping you reach a large audience. Some of the two most popular platforms that come to mind are Pinterest and Instagram. Both platforms: Pinterest vs Instagram Business offer some pretty neat features and benefits. But which one is a perfect fit for your business? In this post I will compare Pinterest and Instagram to help you make that decision.

Pinterest vs Instagram for Business

Pinterest: The Visual Google Search Platform

The way I see it, Pinterest is like a discovery engine, but not just any classic search engine more like a Google image search one. Users can explore and save ideas (pins) from Pinterest. It thrives on creativity, inspiration and aspiration. Plus, let’s not forget the more than 400 million + users Pinterest can provide your business to tap into an audience.

Evergreen content is content that never gets old. It’s information that stays interesting and helpful, that people will continue to search for regardless of time. For example, personal finance, parenting, self-improvement, and cooking are evergreen niches.

So yes one of the greatest advantages of Pinterest is its evergreen content. Unlike social media platforms where posts have a lifespan (think 24 hours for Instagram stories) pins on Pinterest can continue driving traffic and engagement for months or even years.

You can literally just create a pin, publish it and forget about it. This makes it a great platform if you have a businesses with timeless content or products.

Keep in mind you do have to keep creating pins (especially in the beginning) so Pinterest understands what your account is about.

Depending on your niche, Pinterest is also highly effective in driving website traffic. Users often visit Pinterest for inspiration and ideas making it an ideal platform, for businesses focused on representing their products or services.

Instagram: The Visual Storytelling Platform

Compared to Pinterest, I would say that Instagram is more focused on visual storytelling.
Instagram has over 1 billion active users that can benefit your biz.

One of the advantages of Instagram is its engaged user community. People tend to spend a large amount of time scrolling through their feeds and interacting with content. I don’t know about you, but Instagram can be pretty addictive, and folks tend to spend quite a chunk of time there. This means more opportunity for your businesses to connect with your customers.

Instagram also has Instagram Stories, IGTV and shoppable posts. These features can help your business showcase your products or services in an engaging and visually appealing manner.
Choosing the Right Platform: Pinterest vs Instagram for your Business

When deciding between Pinterest and Instagram for your business make sure you consider factors like your target audience, business objectives and the nature of your products or services.

Note: these are just base lines- this can vary from business to business.

Choose Pinterest for Business If:

1. Visual Content Emphasis:
If your business heavily relies on visually appealing content, like infographics, DIY tutorials or product displays then Pinterest can be a good choice.

2. Targeting a Female Demographic:
If your products or services cater towards a female audience, Pinterest is known for having a predominantly female user base.

3. Creative and Inspirational Niche:
If your business has niches like home decor, fashion, crafts or cooking where people are looking for inspiration and ideas. Then this is a jackpot for Pinterest.

4. Long-Lasting Content Shelf Life:
If your content is evergreen (has a longer lifespan) and remains relevant over time like Pinterest’s content which resurfaces and provides long-term visibility.

5. Link-Friendly Content:
If your marketing strategy relies on driving traffic to your website through links then Pinterest is great because you can easily add links (unlike Instagram).

Choose Instagram for Business If:

1. Diverse Content Formats:
If your business uses a variety of content formats like images, short videos, and stories to engage your audience.

2. Dynamic and Trendy Brand Image:
If your brand image thrives on being dynamic, trendy, and in-the-moment, Instagram can be great for real-time content.

3. Engagement Through Stories and Reels:
If you want to connect with your audience directly you can use features like Instagram Stories and Reels, to create that authenticity and connection.

Note: you can’t do this in Pinterest. It’s not recommended to comment or message people on Pinterest like it is on Instagram because this can mark you as spam. Yep- I know.

4. Interactive Marketing:
If your business benefits from direct interaction with your audience through comments, likes, and direct messages.

5. Shorter Lifespan Content Strategy:
If your marketing strategy involves creating content with a shorter lifespan. Like limited time promotions or event specific content Instagram can help your biz.


If your business revolves around storytelling, shorter life span content, and reels or story’s Instagram can be a good choice. With its focus on storytelling and engaged user base Instagram allows you to connect more closely and authentically to your target audience.

On the hand if your businesses primarily focus on evergreen content like tutorials, guides or DIY projects. And you depend on links to get traffic then Pinterest can be an amazing platform. The fact the content lasts there and will continue to show up for people, without doing anything other than hit publish make it an excellent option, for driving traffic and engagement over a period.

My experience: I’m personally more of a Pinterest gal and I’m more comfortable posting Pins than Instagram stories. But that’s not the case for everyone- it just depends on your personality and business needs.

It’s important to note, however, that you don’t have to limit yourself to one platform. Many businesses successfully use both Pinterest and Instagram to reach audiences and achieve objectives.

If you’re just starting your business or it’s just a one man show a.k.a you running everything, then I recommend sticking to just one platform. Growing it out. Then once it’s gotten a considerable following or traffic move on to the next platform. And so forth.

If you’re ready to get started with Pinterest: Why You Need a Pinterest Business Account: Quick Setup + Tips for Success

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