Pinterest 101: What Type of Website is Pinterest?

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Have you ever stumbled on a really cool image and wished you could save it for inspo? Maybe you’ve wanted to explore ideas and dive into different interests in a visual way? Pinterest is a social media platform that will do just that. In post we’ll look into what type of website is Pinterest and how it works.

What type of Website is Pinterest?

What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest can be described as a platform for discovery and bookmarking where users can explore, collect and save ideas related to their range of interests. Think of it as a bulletin board or even your own personalized digital scrapbook.

So How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest works as a visual search engine that allows users to discover content through images vs text. If this is confusing for you then think of Google as a text search engine. Pinterest is like that except it’s a visual (image-based) search engine. Pinterest uses algorithms to suggest Pins based on preferences leading to a tailored Pinterest experience.

How do you even use Pinterest?

At its core, is there’s two things you should know about Pinterest: “pins” and “boards.” Pins refer to the images or videos that users upload. While boards are the places users save these pins (or pin to their boards). Boards serve as collections where users organize their Pins according to their interests, hobbies or projects.

When you stumble on something, on the web or within Pinterest itself you have the option to “pin” it to one of your boards. This action saves the image or video onto the board for you to access in the future. You can also follow users boards to uncover fresh content and ideas.

Pinterest is very popular in the diy and fashion niches, and a lot of people use it for inspiration. They would for ex. type fall outfits then save these pin to a board called “Fashion”.

Pinterest 101 terms:

Here are a few essential terms associated with Pinterest:

1. Pins: Each pin usually includes an image or video along with a description and a link, to its source. You can save pins to your boards.

2. Boards: Boards are like bulletin boards where you can organize and save your pins. They are collections of ideas. You can create boards for topics such as home decoration, fashion inspiration, travel destinations or recipes. By categorizing your pins into boards it becomes easier to find and revisit them later.

3. Home Feed: Your home feed is a customized stream of content that appears when you log in to Pinterest (like the explore tab in Instagram). It shows pins from the boards you follow as well as pins you may like based on your preferences. The purpose of the home feed is to inspire you and introduce ideas.

4. Followers: Like other platforms Pinterest allows users to follow each other. By following someone you will see their Pins in your feed.

5. Search Bar: The search bar lets you search for ideas, topics or products. Pinterest’s algorithm will show users relevant Pins.

Why do people use Pinterest?

1. Inspiration and Ideas:
Whether you’re planning a wedding giving your home a makeover or in search of recipes Pinterest is probably where you’ll gravitate towards. You can explore pins and boards created by others to discover ideas and creative solutions for projects and interests.

2. Visual Bookmarking:
Rather than cluttering up your folders with bookmarks or saving links to webpages you can save bookmarks (a.k.a pins) on Pinterest. By pinning images or videos you can easily revisit them later without losing track of their source or context.

3. Collaboration and Planning:
Pinterest also has group boards where you can invite others to contribute to their boards. This makes it an excellent tool for event planning team idea sharing or gathering inspiration, for group projects.

4. Business Promotion:
Pinterest is one of the most underrated social media platforms for businesses or bloggers to drive traffic to their website or showcase their product. If you’re a business or blogger/content creator I really recommend you take advantage of it and set up a Pinterest Business account (it’s free).


Overall, Pinterest goes beyond being your classic social media platform. It’s a discovery engine allowing users to find ideas save them and share them. With its features, like pins, boards and customized feeds Pinterest has become a resource, for finding inspiration staying organized and fostering creativity. It’s also a major advantage for businesses to drive traffic to their websites. And FREE. You can read more about how to set up a Pinterest for Business account here.

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