How to Get Traffic From Pinterest: My Strategies

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Looking to boost traffic to your website or blog? With, over 400 million users Pinterest is not just a source of inspiration and ideas but also a powerful tool for driving traffic. And nope it’s not just a platform for Diy’ers and fashionistas. Anyone can use Pinterest to get more traffic. I’ll share with you some of my go-to strategies on how to get traffic from Pinterest.

How to Get Traffic From Pinterest

If you’re wondering ‘why am I not getting traffic from Pinterest’ make sure you’re doing the following:

Optimize Your Profile

Step numero uno, make sure you optimize your Pinterest profile.

There is a large space under your bio photo USE it to add keywords from your niche. I see so many people not using it. This helps to put your account in front when users type one of these keywords in Pinterest.

This is very important: make sure to link your website.

Write a short description about what you offer. Include more keywords here. Do not overstuff with keywords, just make it sound organic and natural. You can usually tell when someone is stuffing with keywords and it’s not exactly a flex.

Congrats you’ve set up your Pinterest profile! Whoop

Design Dope Pins

This one’s a no brainer but you need to create pins that will make people want to actually click on them. Don’t just create pins for the sake of creating pins, but think of USER INTENT. I repeat USER INTENT. This transformed the game for me on how to get traffic from Pinterest. Put yourself in the mind of users. Who are they? What is their pain point a.k.a what do they want? How can I give it to them?

Create a pin that caters to them and their needs. Provides value. Or solves a problem for them. Then genuinely ask yourself would I want to click on this?

At the end of the day, despite how Pinterest showcases its statistics. You shouldn’t care so much about impression but outbound clicks. You WANT user to click to your website or blog.

They need to want to click on your pin go a step further and want to click on your link to read more.

Pinterest heavily relies on visuals so it’s crucial to make your pins stand out. Make sure that your pins are high quality and use clear fonts and high resolution images. To provide context and make users want to click through to your website.

Whether or not vibrant colors or a neutral palette work better. I can’t answer that. It depends on your niche, audience and pin.

I don’t recommend you stick to a single palette where all pins look the same (at least in the beginning). How will you even know what works? Try different layout and color palettes and see what works. Then do more of that.

I personally don’t stick to a single palette. Because I’m more of a creative, spontaneous person and I don’t like being limited to a single thing. I would get really bored and that would be the death of my creativity.

Optimize Your Pin Descriptions

This is one of the key ones on how to get traffic from Pinterest. It doesn’t matter how nice and pretty your pin looks, if you don’t write a good Pinterest description including SEO keywords, your pin won’t go far.

Optimizing pin descriptions plays a role in increasing visibility and driving traffic. You need to incorporate keywords, into your descriptions to help Pinterest understand the content of your pin.

One way I use is to type a keyword in the Pinterest search. Pinterest will give you the top recommended keywords.  Note down the top results or whatever is related to you. Now incorporate these in your Pin description (without stuffing).

You can include a call, to action (CTA) in the descriptions of your pins to encourage users to click through your website. You can use phrases like “Find out more ” “Discover the recipe “. CTAs have been proven to boost click through rates and drive traffic to your website.

I personally prefer using a CTA in the pin (design), because people tend to visually look at a pin more than bother to read a full description. But when that’s possible, maybe because you don’t have enough space in your design, then definitely add a CTA in your description.

Be Consistent with your Pins

Want to know how to get traffic from Pinterest? Consistency is key in driving traffic from Pinterest. Make a habit of pinning as it increases your visibility and engagement on the platform. I am unable to tell you a number of how many pins to pin per day or per week. Because it all depends on you and what you can do.

You can pin 10 pins a day and get a burnout and stop pinning altogether, and that won’t be good for consistency.

Just pin whatever you can CONSISTENTLY.

If you can pin five pins a week consistently, then fine. Do that. As long as you stay consistent.

Pinterest also has a native scheduler which lets you schedule pins in advance (1 month- uggh wish it was more). So you can use the scheduler so you don’t have to spend time on Pinterest each day.

Do not over engage on Pinterest. While engaging with the community can help you build connections increase visibility and drive on other social media platforms. This isn’t the case with Pinterest. It can actually make Pinterest think you’re spam.

Use Rich Pins

Rich pins offer information directly on the pin itself providing context and making them more informative and enticing. There are types of pins available such, as article pins, recipe pins and product pins. To enable pins you’ll need to incorporate meta tags into your website following Pinterest’s detailed instructions. By doing you can take advantage of this feature to drive traffic to your website.


Monitoring and tracking your results are essential in understanding which strategies are effective and where improvements can be made. Use the analytics tools that Pinterest provides to monitor the performance of your pins and boards. Remember you can only access the analytics if you have a  Pinterest business account (it’s free).

Between all the metrics Personally, I will pretty much look at the biggest two: Saves and Outbound Clicks. Look at the pins that are showing great numbers for these two. Then make more of them (especially those that are getting a lot of outbound clicks)

Try to save a time slot in your calendar to do this. Let’s say once a quarter.

If pins are getting a lot of saves and no outbound clicks (or very little), try to understand why. And experiment what you can do to increase outbound clicks.

By looking at the analytics and tweaking your content, you’ll be able to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your blog or website. And also evaluate the success of your marketing efforts.


Overall experimenting with pin designs, descriptions and strategies is key to finding what resonates best with your audience. Make sure to regularly analyze your results to refine your approach further and generate traffic from Pinterest back, to your website. I had to do a lot of this to see what works and still today I am experimenting.

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